Recently I was lucky enough to work on the Billabong Womens Australia campaign in Malibu, California. Kind of once in a life time experience with places I never would have seen with out being given this opportunity. Heres some photos from some of the amazing locations we shot at and little things I loved along the way. Campaign comes out later this year x

Curvy Gold Coast Contributor

When I was studying graphic design a friend from my class showed me a book called Curvy. I remember turning the pages and was in love with the book in seconds. It published all female artists from all around the world and had the most inspiring illustrations. I looked up to the women published in the books and it became a goal of mine to one day be apart of it. 

I was first published in Curvy 8 and I was so excited! It was such an honour to be in those pages and to then be apart of the art shows in Sydney and Melbourne as well. I was later published in Curvy 9 and have been apart of the Curvy shows at Semi-permenant 2013 and the Curvy Conference Art show 2016. 

After the Curvy team have given me so much over the years I'm now helping shine a spotlight on other creative women as the Gold coast contributor for the Curvy blog.

Check out my first interview with the lovely Jess Lambert from Halcyon Lines

Killer Twins - My first piece published in Curvy

Killer Twins - My first piece published in Curvy

Sydney Curvy Show 2012

Sydney Curvy Show 2012

Luxottica || Live Event Art

Recently I created live art for the Luxottica event in Brisbane. The emersion night featured several big name fashion labels including Bulgari, Versace, Ray ban & Dolce & Gabbana. I represented Dolce & Gabbana for the night drawing a pair of the designer sunglasses in front of a live audience. The audience could come up and watch me draw the art while wining and dining and learning the history of the brand. 


Here's my process in creating this piece. I've said it before but I think its really important to create your own reference images. I always think whats the point of drawing a realistic replica of a photo? It's already been created by that photographer no need to put another version out into the world. You can though pull it apart and turn it into something amazing that no ones seen before and make it your own. 

I kind of make these "Frankenstein" ladies in photoshop to create exactly what I want to draw in my head. So its the body from one image, the head for the another, the hair from another and the flowers are inspired from a tattoo. You can see all of this in the moodboard I created. 

You can see below how rough the reference is I create in Photoshop. It doesn't need to be perfect you can fix up the mistakes in the drawing. It's just a guide line for you to look at while you draw. 

Golden @ Workshop Melbourne

Earlier this month I was lucky to be apart of Golden the exhibition at Workshop Melbourne. I exhibited along side amazing artists 23rd Key, Viet-My Bui, Mark Conlan, Luke Day, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Kitiya Palaskas, Ellen Porteus, George Rose, Al Turnbull and Cat Wall. The event was amazing! Such a fun night and all of the proceeds went to Streat a charity helping homeless youth. 

Thanks to everyone you came to event and bought a print of my piece "Luna". It's one of my favourite pieces and I'm glad they've got some happy new homes! 

Also big thank you to Kate Pullen for organising the event and have me apart of it :)

Curvy Exhibition @ Ambush Gallery

Last week I was lucky enough to be apart of the 2016 Curvy exhibition launching the Curvy Creative Conference in Sydney. My art was along side Gemma Obrien, Kimberley Reynolds, Nicole Reed, George Rose, Nadia Hernandez, Lauren Winzer, Jana Bartolo, Rachel Ponygold Urquhart, Kimberley Reynolds, Lauren Bath, Ainsley Hutchence& Josie Clough.

I've been apart of the Curvy exhibitions in the past and published in Curvy 8 & 9 books but it was still just as exciting to be involved with the Curvy crew. Check photos from the event!