I think I do my best work when I make mood boards first. Getting images of things I like on paper gets my brain working and makes me way more motivated than if I just started and tried to piece together the concept later. Not everything always is included but its really helpful. I remember when I was studying the teachers would always tell you to but I realise how valuable it is in the process now. 

I've had this image of Beyonce from Dazed and Confused magazine on my computer for so long and always wanted to make something with it but didn't want to start it till I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

I went to Bali recently and it was huge influence on the piece as well. I love the mix of detailed patterns & fashion in a tropical place. Also big help in the process is taking a break. Not thinking about any kind of design or art and just relaxing. Clears your head and then you can start fresh and no pressure. 

I like to create all the pieces by hand separately and then scan in an play with the composition on photoshop. I re-use pieces of my previous drawings if they fit e.g. flowers, tattoos etc. I also mess with the colours and fix any marks or shadows I might not have done right at the start.

So in conclusion....