Golden @ Workshop Melbourne

Earlier this month I was lucky to be apart of Golden the exhibition at Workshop Melbourne. I exhibited along side amazing artists 23rd Key, Viet-My Bui, Mark Conlan, Luke Day, Bobby Haiqalsyah, Kitiya Palaskas, Ellen Porteus, George Rose, Al Turnbull and Cat Wall. The event was amazing! Such a fun night and all of the proceeds went to Streat a charity helping homeless youth. 

Thanks to everyone you came to event and bought a print of my piece "Luna". It's one of my favourite pieces and I'm glad they've got some happy new homes! 

Also big thank you to Kate Pullen for organising the event and have me apart of it :)

Curvy Exhibition @ Ambush Gallery

Last week I was lucky enough to be apart of the 2016 Curvy exhibition launching the Curvy Creative Conference in Sydney. My art was along side Gemma Obrien, Kimberley Reynolds, Nicole Reed, George Rose, Nadia Hernandez, Lauren Winzer, Jana Bartolo, Rachel Ponygold Urquhart, Kimberley Reynolds, Lauren Bath, Ainsley Hutchence& Josie Clough.

I've been apart of the Curvy exhibitions in the past and published in Curvy 8 & 9 books but it was still just as exciting to be involved with the Curvy crew. Check photos from the event!

Surfing World Feature

This month I was featured in Surfing World Magazine. I was pretty much told to do anything I wanted with the word octopus just do it my own way and don't draw an octopus! I've always loved drawing mermaids and have been enjoying working with markers and pens a lot more lately. Also been dying to do a horror font so felt it was the perfect brief to give it a go.

Beach Burrito

Thanks so much to everyone who came out the show on Friday night! So happy with how it turned out and appreciate the support. My artwork will be up at Beach Burrito Fortitude Valley for all of August so if you're in Brisbane check it out. 


This is the first in a series of three illustrations based on model Brigette Cooper. I chose the take the reference photos myself so the art is completely my own. I think its important to do this or if it isn't possible then ask the photographer who has taken the photo for permission if it is going to be a very close likeness.  

I decided to do this series purely for the love of it.  I think its really important to create my own personal projects. It lets me create work that reflects my true style and helps me develop my skills and experiment. 

Brigette was so lovely to work with and so excited to have her on board for the project. Stay tuned for pieces #2 & #3. 



I think I do my best work when I make mood boards first. Getting images of things I like on paper gets my brain working and makes me way more motivated than if I just started and tried to piece together the concept later. Not everything always is included but its really helpful. I remember when I was studying the teachers would always tell you to but I realise how valuable it is in the process now. 

I've had this image of Beyonce from Dazed and Confused magazine on my computer for so long and always wanted to make something with it but didn't want to start it till I knew exactly what I wanted to do. 

I went to Bali recently and it was huge influence on the piece as well. I love the mix of detailed patterns & fashion in a tropical place. Also big help in the process is taking a break. Not thinking about any kind of design or art and just relaxing. Clears your head and then you can start fresh and no pressure. 

I like to create all the pieces by hand separately and then scan in an play with the composition on photoshop. I re-use pieces of my previous drawings if they fit e.g. flowers, tattoos etc. I also mess with the colours and fix any marks or shadows I might not have done right at the start.

So in conclusion....