The Artist Behind the Print || Q & A with VonZipper / by hayley o'connor


1.What was your inspiration behind the prints?

I always love creating tropical prints but this one is inspired by 60’s & 70’s wall paper designs as well.

2.We know you design killer surf prints but we have to ask; surf or snow?

I live next to the beach so definitely surf!

3.What inspired you to start Illustration?

I was studying graphic design and a friend in my class showed me these amazing fashion illustrators work online and I think I was hooked from that point and had do that kind of design from then on.

4.What’s your favourite sunnies by Vonzipper at the moment?

I’ve always liked anything from the F.C.G. collection, I wear those sunnies everyday.

5.If you were stuck on an island with a Vonzipper advocate who would it be?

Donavon frankenreiter - so he could sing to me till we were saved

6.What are you listening to right now?

Anderson Paak