Wave Chasers || Save the Date

Save the date! I ’m having an art show Friday October 5th at the lovely Hotel Miami on the Gold Coast ⚡️Sponsored by Billabong Womens Australia & Hotel Miami.

Invite only to RSVP contact me at hello@hayleyo.com.au

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Pacific Fair Mural

I created this mural as a welcome sign from Pacific Fair Shopping Centre, Gold Coast  to Tourists visiting during the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The concept was merging the tropical paradise with the fashion of Pacific Fair while creating a photo opportunity for tourists. 



Recently I travelled to Tulum, Mexico to work on a photoshoot with Billabong Womens Australia.

Heres a few snaps from the trip can't wait for these images by Josie Clough to come out in September this year. 

Urban List Gold Coast

Recently I spent the day with @urbanlistgc + @destinationgoldcoast talking about what I love doing & my favourite places on the Gold Coast. 

It was an exciting opportunity to be chosen for this series promoting creatives on the Gold Coast. I grew up in Melbourne which I still love but when I came to the Gold Coast it just felt like it fit. It's a beautiful place to live and if you've never been check out the clip for my favourite spots to visit x


This illustration is called Eden after the model Eden Bristowe who was the muse. This piece is full of layers. The first layer was hand drawn with Ironlak pencils and watercolour for the bleeds on the tee and hair highlights. The second layer was coloured in photoshop for the skin tone then printed and coloured over the top with Prisma colour pencils. This is so the colour felt less digital. I like working this way as you can alter colours and manipulate it more. The reference image was black and white so I had to guess the skin tone. 

-Reference images and inspiration -

-The Final Piece -


Curvy Creative Conference Gold Coast

When I was studying graphic design a friend from my class showed me a book called Curvy. It published all female artists from all around the world and had the most inspiring illustrations. I looked up to the women published in the books and it became a goal of mine to one day be apart of it. 

I was first published in Curvy 8 and I was so excited! It was such an honour to be in those pages and to then be apart of the art shows in Sydney and Melbourne as well. I was later published in Curvy 9 and have been apart of the Curvy shows at Semi-permenant 2013 and the Curvy Conference Art show 2016. 

This year I was part of the panel at the Curvy Creative Conference Gold Coast. This was my first time speaking at an event but I loved it! It was amazing meeting so many creative girls and giving my perspective on creative integrity and working with clients. Can't wait to do it all again :) 

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